Friday, October 3, 2008

Beautiful Alana - Happy Birthday!

I can't believe it! Alana is turning 10! Once again I'm amazed at how quickly time has flown!! I have photographed Alana countless times now. I've enjoyed documenting all her changes and my goodness!! Where did my little girl go? (Okay so she's not really mine but I'm going to say that because I don't have a girl so I satisfy my girl fixes with the daughters of all my friends and clients. ;))

The first time I photographed Alana was with her sister and cousins for their dance recital. I remember the background was green and they had some yellow chicken feathers or maybe they were ducks. I'm not sure. She was about five years old. They were all SO cute. Now she's all grown up and a young lady! She's still beautiful of course and she's still very funny. I've always loved to photograph her because she LOVES to pose for the camera. Here are a few from our latest session. Isn't she beautiful! Happy Birthday Alana!

This is a pull back! Mom and Layla where having too much fun on the porch! LOL

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