Tuesday, March 10, 2009

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Gianina & Chris Bailey

I was photographing Gianina's sister Kara's wedding when I first met her. Instanly, I knew I liked her. Gianina was a super fun bridesmaid that let me take photos of her with strawberries in her teeth among some other funny things. She wasn't shy around the camera! It's always a joy to photograph someone that doesn't mind their portraits taken! I was so honored when she asked me to photograph her wedding! When I photographed Chris and Gianina's engagement session I had a chance to spend some time with Chris. He was the perfect groom. Did all the silly things I asked them to do. He didn't complain and he even smiled. Actually he smiled a lot and I knew by the way that Chris watched his bride that he was a man that was completely in love. Chris and Gianina share the kind of love you can see. It's the way they hold each other, the way they smile at each other, the way they look at each other. It's all so endearing.

Gianina and Chris choose the Marquardt Ranch in Boerne to exchange their vows. It was the first time I photographed a wedding there but let me just say I loved this venue. When you have a venue this beautiful it makes a photographers job easy! There were great places to photograph everywhere. Gianina loved the bell towers! I was a little timid I'll admit to get up there but once I was there I was stoked! It couldn't have been more perfect! The other thing I loved about the venue was how beautiful it looked in the fall/winter. Some outdoor venues look best in Spring but at The Marquardt Ranch any time of the year makes for beautiful portraits. I love the richness of the ceremony images!

The way awesome Shelby Lane joined me to photograph this wedding! And to all my photographer blog stalkers that know both of us....let me just say that no she is not planning on coming out of wedding photographer retirement! However, I am working on her because she's so talented and lots of fun to shoot with! Course it was easy to convince her with a totally awesome beautiful couple and an amazing venue! She had a great time hanging out with the boys!

I had the hardest time picking out which images to put on the blog. There were so many that I loved! So of course to get the FULL WEDDING experience CLICK HERE!
If you're bandwidth challenged I've put a vimeo link at the end as well!

All the beautiful details!

Bridesmaid's make for great entertainment! Watch the video!!

Poor Mr. Bailey broke his ankle. I can't remember the whole story but it had something to do with Chris's bachelor party in New Orleans, and something about ninjas and spies. ;)

My classic silhouette shot that I love to take

I LOVE Chris's expression when he finally see's his bride!

Check out this amazing background! How awesome is this??

The kiss!

You HAVE to love families who will make faces at the Camera!

It wouldn't be a wedding if I didn't make people jump!

It was a packed wedding! They're very much loved!

I love this portrait of Chris's parents dancing. You can see their love too!

The send off!

Gianina & Chris Bailey from Laura Wootan on Vimeo.

Friday, February 13, 2009

A sneak peek for Gianina & Chris

I can't wait to blog this wedding! I'm almost done with it! It was SO beautiful!! :) Just wanted to share this quick one because I LOVE it! Full showcase to come!!

New Blogs Coming

I know I've been a BAD blogger. I have lots of session to blog and I will get to them soon! I had a hard drive die. It sucked. I had everything backed up so I didn't loose files but I did loose work that I had already done that wasn't backed up yet! About 15 hours worth of work. Yep. Did I mention it really sucked?? Sooo Just when I was finally catching up on orders etc this set me back. *sigh*

Tis okay... it's always faster the second time right??

So stay tuned more blogs to come soon!

A Teaser for Kyle

Just a quick teaser for Kyle! I had a great time shooting his session! As you can tell we did some Motocross photos! It was a BLAST shooting these!

More to come!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Max our Puppy

If you read my blog you know a few months ago we lost our dog Lulu. Guy had been asking for a new puppy. He even asked Santa for a new dog. So we decided it was a good time because our other dogs are in pretty good health and having remembered what puppies were like we knew we waited it would be harder on them. OMG puppies have SO much energy!

So one afternoon I started googling and found a breeder name Little's Kennels right here in San Marcos. We were instantly in love. And yes... having a new puppy really is like having a newborn except that we can leave him in his crate during the day and no one will call the police on us! Well that and newborns don't have crazy sharp shark teeth like a certain little puppy we love! (thank goodness for nursing mom's everywhere!)

So I'm in love with this little dog. I can't help it. :) Even though it's suppose to be Guy's dog. I'm pretty attached. I decided that I would photograph Max in all the poses that I normally shoot newborns in! Haha! Yeah my husband thought I was a wee bit of a dork but I didn't care so I needed to find some manly arms so I called a client/friend who has the beefcake thing going on and asked him to model! Daniel was a great sport! So here is Max's newborn session. Enjoy!

Realtor - Barrie Breed

Meet beautiful Barrie Breed. She's a Realtor with Hart Properties here in San Marcos. She wanted a new head shot for her business cards. She really wanted a portrait that showed more of her personality! She was up for trying all kinds of things which I love when people are open to trying new looks! If you haven't had a new head shot in a while it's a perfect time to update your portrait!

More Of Addie Grace

A few more of sweet baby Addie Grace. Isn't she adorable! New babies are so pretty with their soft skin and their little fingers and toes. We had a great session with lots of funny moments! At least Mom and Dad still have their sense of humor! Newborn's sessions often involve a wee bit of surprise pee and/or poop! Dad was a trooper. It's all about getting the perfect portrait! :) LOL Miss Grace even lost her umbilical cord while she was here! Congratulations Susan and David! I can't wait to photograph her next session. It's such an honor for me to get to document a babies first year!