Friday, November 9, 2007

The Weisberg Family

I finally have a chance to share my portraits of The Weisberg Family! These are the kiddos I went to Florida to photograph! Their mom Karin has been a friend/client for gosh... I hate to say this but has it really been nearly ten years!! We've worked together on many many projects! This is the first time though that I've had the chance to meet her kiddos and photograph them. Let me just say that these kids were AWESOME. In fact her kids are so good I really want to send my kid to her for a little KT training camp! LOL I had a very short trip and was only there for 1.5 days and we managed to do eight sessions. Yes, EIGHT! We have really cute stuff from each of them so I'm doing one massive blog to showcase a few favorites! The approach we took with these sessions was "lifestyle" portraits. We really wanted to show the kids having fun and just being themselves at home with Mommy and Daddy. Congratulations to Karin and Bill as well because they're expecting one more baby in March!! I'm so excited for them!

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