Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The Spriegel Family

Meet the beautiful Spriegal Family. We had a great session! It was a hard decision what to choose! We got some really beautiful photos! Even if I do say so myself! LOL I love the color of these portraits. They've got such a warm feel to them! Here are some of my favorites from our session!!

I'm going to admit something that's really bad! I don't have a family photo of my family!! How sad is that! I'm a photographer and my best friend is a photographer and all my other friends are photographers and I have YET to make us all sit down for a family portrait. I have no good excuse! Every holiday I do lots of family portraits and I'm actually jealous of my clients!! Because I really would love to have a portrait of all of us!! So this year is the year it's going to happen!! After blogging all these family sessions I'm feeling guilty!! I've really got to do this!! As "Mom" otherwise known as the "Family Historian" it's my job and so I'm making it my new mission!

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