Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Merry Christmas To Me!!

One thing to know about photographers is that we love camera gear and accessories. I actually own more camera bags than I do purses! I personally hate to shop for pretty much everything except camera stuff. (My husband is lucky that way ;) ) Now, I LOVE to buy camera gear. I mean really love it. :D It makes me so happy.

The problem being a photographer all the stuff we want is complicated. If your significant other isn't a photographer it's pretty hard for them to pick out a gift for you. Then of course the other issue....Nothing in photography is inexpensive. Fortunately I have lots and lots of friends that are photographers so my husband could always ask **cough cough Shelby for example** what to get me however I'm perfectly okay picking out my own gift! LOL ;)

Let me just say that Christmas has come early and I'm an extremely excited girl because I just ordered the newest most awesome Nikon in the world. YES boys and girls!! THE NIKON D3 is joining our happy family. I've decided to name her Lucy. I am STOKED :D :D :D :D

If you click the link you'll find some fancy information about LUCY (that probably doesn't mean anything to most people) but it explains how lovely, wonderful, an awesome she is.

I can't wait to get her! They haven't started shipping the D3's in the US yet but HOPEFULLY she'll be here before Christmas. :)

I'm so excited to get her that I'm also going to have a fun super sale in January so we can stretch her legs!! :D So stay tuned! I'll post the details soon!!

I also am behind on Blogging!! Yes, I suck I know!! I have done awesome job on getting holiday orders processed and back though!! So my blog might be late but your portraits are on time!! :D I'm going to try to blog more tonight or tomorrow. I just had to share my exciting news!! :D

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