Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Fun at the Beach!

We're having a great time at the beach! We've been here three day's now and my parents have joined us for a few days. Then my brother-in-law and his son will join us later in the week. Then THE Shelby Lane will be coming for the day with her babes as well. Port Aranasas is lovely. It's not over crowded the weather has been very nice and aside from some seaweed the beach has been lovely. We were a little afraid because of all the flooding that the beach would have some debre issues. (At least we read about some issues online.) It had been beautiful though. Guy LOVES the ocean. He really does. I'm trying to relax! LOL I really am a workaholic but I'm doing a little better now. Here are a few quick snapshots. My poor little man is covered in scabs from all the mesquito bite's he's scratched. Good thing is the ocean water doesn't bother them.

The place we're staying is a cute condo! It's not as "on" the beach as the discription online made it sound but it's really not a bad walk. It's about 150 yards. We can see the beach from the balcony too and the pool. This place is great though there aren't many units here so it's not over populated it's quiet and the condo is nicely equipped. We've been cooking here which has been really nice too. Last night we bought fresh shrimp and made a nice dinner. My Dad shucked some oysters too! I so did not eat any of those. LOL I think we'll go out tonight and leave my folks with the kiddo!

Today we're going to the aquarium! I'm looking forward to that and so is Guy! More photos to come! :)

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Shannon said...

Guy's hair has gotten soooo dark! I'm glad you're having a good time on vacation... you sooo deserve it!