Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Aquarium

We went to the Texas State Aquarium today. I wish I could say it was "awesome" but really it was kind of lame. First off we waited for the "dolphin" show and I had in my mind a "sea worldish" experience and well... It's not Sea World. Not even close. The dolphins hardly did anything and they had some dude who wouldn't stop talking. I think they were attempting to be educational but man I want high jumps, splashing and oohing and awwwwing when I go to a show like that. My Boy kept asking us why is he still talking. LOL I felt the same way. The exhibits were okay but it was really really crowded which well it's peak season so that is why. The very best thing was the underwater viewing area where we could see the dolphins. They were so majestic. That was cool. It was air conditioned in there too and the masses of people hadn't hit when we were there. We got some cute pictures there. Course I only brought a point and shoot camera on Vacation. I thought about bringing my nice gear but my husband talked me out of it claiming the car was already too packed. LOL So, I didn't bring anything but my tiny little camera. It drives me INSANE to shoot with it but it fits in my pockets so for what it is it's perfect.

So here are some photos from the Aquarium and one off my mom's camera of me and my Dad while he was shucking oysters. I was thinking to myself ... "Yeah, I'm not eating any of those!"

For dinner tonight we ate at Seafood and Spaghetti Works. A client/friend recommended it and it really was very good. I had an amberjack fish that really tasty. It was covered with Avacado, Bacon, tomatoes and Almonds... it was good. Course I'm being bad on my diet because well I'm on vacation! LOL I'm going to be good when I get back or at least that's my story!

On the way back we came across the ferry again and this time we got to ride on the William G. Burnett ferry. Which is the name of my husband's grandfather. We don't know who "that" William G. Burnett is or what the "G" stands for. We know the ferry isn't named after our family but it was still really cool because our son Guy was named after our William Guy Burnett.

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Lois said...

Hi Laura, Catching up with your blogging. Now we know why oysters on the half shell cost so much.