Monday, November 17, 2008

The Robertson Family

Meet the beautiful Robertson family. I 've had the pleasure of photographing this family many times. I cannot believe how BIG baby Reid is. He's almost not a baby!! He's grown up fast! He LOVED my airplane! He's all boy!! He was SO excited and he played and even made airplane sounds! It was so cute!! Aren't they a beautiful family?? I always have a great time with them!! Thanks so much guys for coming in!


Barbara Robertson said...

I am one one of the Grandma's! Yes-they are gorgeous and Reid is very precious and dear to us! You have done a wonderful again capturing their love and laughter! Thank you so much!
Barbara Robertson

Shelley Shackelford said...

Here's the other Grandma logging in, and I agree with Barb, those pictures are amazing! You are truly an artist, and while WE think you have excellent material, you do manage to bring the magic out! Thanks so much~
Shelley "Oma" Shackelford