Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Melanie & Les - East Texas Wedding

When I first photographed Melanie and Les's engagement sessions I knew they truly loved each other. There was definitely a special connection between them. It was easy to capture those emotions because if you spend any time around them you can tell they're genuinely meant for each other. After having spent their special day with them I also have an appreciate for how much their families love them too. I'm always jealous of people who have large families. My family is so very small. These two families were gracious, kind and so much fun! We had a great time at this wedding.

I HATE to be late. So because this wedding was out of town I drove to Eagle Lake the night before the wedding. I'm always worried about directions. Those of you that know me know that I'm terrible at directions. I even have a Tom Tom navigator! That thing seems to be wrong more than it's right. I was excited to go to the dress rehearsal and see the church. Melanie said that the Parish of the Nativity Catholic Church was small and it was a little bit small but it was also very beautiful. The iPhone picture she sent me didn't do it justice! I loved all the stain glass windows and the warm colors of the church. As I watched the practice and did some test shots I knew the church would be perfect.

My second photographer Anthony drove in from Houston. We met that night and went over our game plan. When I shoot a wedding I always like to know what to expect. I'm just a planner!! It's the things you can't plan for though that make for the best portraits. It's those moments when people have forgotten that I'm there that I love the best. It's the laughing between sisters. The tears of a Mom who can't look at her baby without happy tears. It's those moments like those in weddings that I love.

I'm posting some of my favorites. There are a bunch because I truly couldn't narrow down.

Of course to truly appreciate this wedding you MUST watch the slideshow!! Click here to see the pretty NICE BIG VERSION. (Download the plug in if you don't have it. It won't hurt your computer I promise!) I'll also post the low rez not nearly as awesome small version below.

Congratulations Melanie and Les! I'm so happy for you guys! Thanks choosing us to photograph your special day!

The beautiful rings! The flowers were so beautiful!

A funny moment at the salon!

Handsome Les getting ready!

His beautiful bride putting on makeup!

I love this shot in the mirror.

Melanie getting ready to put her gorgeous dress on.

The ladies

I love this shot of her Dad giving her a hug before we head out the door to the chapel.

The Dudes!

The beautiful church. It really was standing room only.

I loved this image of her Dad watching her. The next day I mentioned to Mike that I saw him watching her and he said he was having his own personal slideshow of her life going on in his head. I thought that was so sweet.

Kids always steal the shows at weddings. This is the sweet little ring bearer.

Tears and smiles as they exchanged vows.

The kiss!

This church had some really beautiful windows.

I love this shot too!

We stole them away from the reception just in time to catch the sunset.

I LOVE this sun flare!! These are hard to capture and to do it well! Anthony shot this one!

The wedding reception had an outdoor theme complete with antlers and pine cones!

This was Melanie's grandfather's watch. It was her something old and she carried it in the pocket of her dress.
I love the Wedding March!

LOL Melanie making sure that Les didn't plan on doing the smash cake thing!

Husband and wife during the first dance. It was so sweet.

Dancing with her Dad. I loved the light on this image.

Les dancing with his Mom

The send off!

Melanie & Les from Laura Wootan on Vimeo.


Michael said...

Thank you Laura and Anthony for all of your hard work. You guys are the best!!!

FOB... aka Mike

Shelby said...

These are beautiful! You are so good at capturing the emotion and spirit of the day, Laura.

But is Mike holding a shot gun? That is tooooo funny.

Michael said...

Your are such a girl. Obviously that's an Armalite AR-15... Geesh

leah said...

WOW!!!! These are amazing, I tear up everytime I watch the video. Like Mike said you guys are the best. Thank you for making my baby girl's special day so unforgetable.

Melanie said...

yall r friggin awesome! im so happy with EVERYTHING! thanks sooo much!


shelby said...

Oh, of course, Mike. Obviously. ;)

Melissa said...

Awwwww these are so good. Sweet!!!

Sharon said...

Beautiful work, as always! I love to look at your weddings, Laura!