Friday, May 25, 2007

Childcare (or the lack there of) and We're having a sale!!

I'm late on blogging! I'm sorry Guys I know you're waiting!! I promise to get some new images up soon!

This next week will be a little rough and I will do my best to get phone calls returned!

The reason?? We don't have child care the rest of the month. Why??

We'll it's a long story... which many of you know my long on going frustrations as you've shared your own. So ask me and I'll fill you in on the latest unbelievable insanity. Honestly, That's the best part of being a children's photographer... everyone shares their stories about their childcare experiences good and bad! It was always nice to hear other people's stories and know that I'm not crazy and that I'm not alone in my many many frustrations. So thanks to you all for the comfort and compassion as it was the validation I needed! I have the best clients!

I'm thankful that things have worked out beautifully and we've been able to get into Wonderland School. We've been talking to them for many months now and they finally have an opening!! We're so excited that our son will also be starting Kindergarten there next fall as well. Wonderland comes HIGHLY recommended by many of my clients!! I knew my son was unhappy where he was because every day was a huge battle to get him to go. :( He was SO happy when we told him he never had to go back. We asked if he wanted to go say goodbye to his friends but he said, " No, I really don't ever want to go there again". Ouch! There is nothing like some brutal child honesty. We really feel terrible that we made him go there as long as we did. We truly regret we didn't move him sooner!!! :(

Soooo... This next week will be a little rough as I will have my son at work with me but there was just no way I could send him back there after he was so happy he was leaving! So thank you all for understanding!! I really appreciate it!

SOOO I'm offering a SPECIAL SALE!! Yes!! During the week June 5th - June 8th! Book a session during the week for only a $25 sitting fee!! That is $50 OFF!! The regular sitting fee!! Just email or call for an appointment!!

Again, thanks for the understanding and support. I know that many of you have been where we are too and it's very comforting to know we're not alone!


Shelby Lane Photography said...

Congratulations on getting out of that place! :) I know that you've been having issues for a long time and I'm so glad the new school had an opening. Yay for Guy! He and McCurdy will both be in Kindergarten next year!

Cynthia said...

Good for you Laura! I know it's been a very long time coming! You're just lucky that your son is old enough to talk!! It's amazing some people can stay in business!! Call me if you need any help!

Mom said...

About time - I know he did not like to be there. I could not believe the way they ran a service business - I'm glad you were able to get him into the new school.