Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Beautiful Bride in the Dallas Cold!

So I don't have a wedding blog on my wedding website. It's on my to do list!! But I had such a good time shooting these portraits I wanted to share them! Incase you didn't know aside from family portraiture I also photograph weddings. Weddings take me back to my journalism days! I love to tell stories with photos. I wish I had more time to do more weddings but with my portrait sessions on Saturday's I'm usually pretty booked. So I try to accept only one wedding a month to make sure I have enough time for everyone. Weddings are a nice change of pace too... Weddings are always high energy and exciting. It really is special to get to go through the biggest day in someones life with them. I have a shooting partner based in Austin. A fellow photographer named Troy. Troy usually follows the grooms story and I photograph the bride. We cover the salon, the getting ready, the portraits, the ceremony and of course the recpetion. We work well as a team and our styles compliment each other.

So Saturday Feb. 10th I went to Dallas with Troy for a Bridal session. It was soooo cold. This is the beautiful Nicole. She was a trooper! It really was freezing!! She never complained. It's funny when I was shooting I really wasn't that uncomfortable because I was too busy to notice but as soon as we were done it really hit me!! Thank goodness for heated car seats!! It was a long day we drove up there and back in the same day. It was worth it though our location was beautiful. There were hardly any people out either so it was nice not to have to wait for people to move out of our shots. LOL I only wish we had some SUN!!! I love shooting in afternoon light. We're excited to be photographing her wedding in March. I hope we'll have some great warm weather for that!!

So here are some favorites from Nicole's bridals!

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