Friday, April 11, 2008

Kendra & Jeremy - March 8th Wedding

Wedding season is in full swing now!! Meet Kendra & Jeremy! We photographed their beautiful wedding March 8th! We were blessed with lots of beautiful sunshine! The wedding was held at Lakeway Spa & Resort in Lakeway. It's such an awesome venue I know I love to shoot there. You might remember Kendra from her bridal portraits a few blogs down. She looked amazing in her dress and her groom was also just so handsome! They're so sweet together! This family really knows how to have fun! Everyone had a great time at the wedding! Here are a few of my favorite images of course to really appreciate the wedding you need to watch the slideshow!! Congratulations to the happy couple!! I hope you had a wonderful time in Hawaii!

The bouquet had red roses with purple calla lilies and yellow orchids. All the flowers were gorgeous

Kendra's makeup and hair was done at the resort spa! The ladies there did a beautiful job!

I loved these shoes! They were beautiful and comfortable!! What more could a bride want?

I love Kendra's sister Kara! She was a hoot! She was a lot of fun!

This was just a happy accident! Tom and Jerry cartoon just happened to be on and they were in a jewelery store! It couldn't have been more perfect!! LOL

Kendra had Jeremy ring inscribed with " I LOVE YOU"

Here is also the link to the small youtube version! Watch THIS ONE though for the best quality!!

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