Thursday, April 17, 2008

Beautiful Amanda

Meet beautiful Amanda. Amanda is actually the very first child I ever photographed! Oh about 13 year ago!! So this session was really wild for me!! I can't believe we shot her senior portraits!

Let me give a little history here. Amanda is the daughter of my college friend Shawn. (Shawn will be in my next blog). I first met Amanda when she was five years old! Shawn and I were art students together and really that poor baby...we put her in costumes, painted her with glitter, photographed her endlessly!! Just all kinds of crazy fun things! She was such a good kid!! She was always up for it and the best model. She was in so many of my art projects!!

So anyway, I hadn't seen Amanda for many years... so when she came in it was SO surprising to me!! She looked the same really just bigger! LOL She said I was short **snicker**. I guess she remembered me being taller! LOL Anyway... here are a few favorites from the session! It's amazing how quickly time flys. In my mind she'll always be a little fairy with wings and glitter and glued on spock ears.

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