Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter

Another Easter has come and gone. I hope everyone had a very blessed Easter and enjoyed the holiday with their family and loved ones! :)

Easter was so early this year! Seems it just came and went! We had our family over for the holiday and had a great time. The Easter bunny left eggs, toys and of course candy! I ate too much chocolate and now it's back to the diet yet again! LOL At least now though all the good candy holidays are over! LOL I have such a hard time resisting chocolate!! **sigh**

I Just wanted to share a few snapshots from our day... The Easter Bunny brought Guy a Spiderman kite. What we didn't know was that our tree's are kite EATING tree's. LOL

Guy after the tree ate his kite. He wasn't too happy.

Uncle Ronnie must really love Guy to climb that tree and try to save his kite. I was willing to let the tree have it. (Both times) LOL The men however could not let the trees defeat them. **snicker**

Guy realized the climbing tree's was fun! He started on the small tree's...

Then graduated to some of the bigger ones! He's all boy!

It was a lovely day and I'm always reminded to count my blessings. :) I hope everyone else also enjoyed their holiday!

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