Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

It's a little early but I know I'm going to be busy so I just wanted wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day and share Guy's Valentine card. This is probably the last one he'll let me do! I must admit I'm a little sad about it. :( :( :( My baby is growing up! Valentines has always been my "thing." Each year I like to come up with some great cute way to photograph him and I make cards and we send them out and all is good. So when they came in I was so excited to show them to Guy and he says that he's been talking to his friends and so and so is going to send out Transformers Valentines and this person is going to be sending out Superman Valentines etc. etc. So I'm getting the distinct impression that he's not liking the cute ones that Mommy made. So, I tell him... "I'm sure those are really cool but we made ours! They'll think yours are cool too." His reply was, "No, they won't. Boys only like super hero's." I said, "Well what about the girls in your class? I bet they will like them." His response was, "Yeah but they're just girls they like pretty stuff." Soooo I'm guessing my "pretty" Valentine wasn't "boy" enough. **sigh**

So while we were shopping for candy for his friends gift bags Guy sees SPIDERMAN Valentines. Not just any Spiderman Valentines.... Spiderman Valentines with TATTOOS. I felt a little twinge of pain as we placed the "Spidey" cards in the cart but the look of joy on his face was enough to tell me that he really didn't want my "pretty" cards. So the compromise was that we're sending out both! LOL The boys are getting my pretty card and spidey! Everyone is getting candy!

They really do grow up so fast... Thanks for looking!

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