Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! We are back from our trip and I'm getting back to work. It's been almost nice to be away from the computer!! Nice but also frustrating because to tell the truth - I am an internet addict. I went a whole FIVE DAYS without internet. Okay so I SORTA had cell phone internet but not really. We were in the boonies - There were no Verizon wireless network people hanging out by our cabin. Raccoons? Yes, they were there! Verizon not so much.

We had decided to go to Broken Bow Oklahoma for Christmas. Why there? Well all the cabins we googled in Colorado where already booked so we looked for somewhere close and they had photos of cabins with snow on them and that sold us. We really hoped we'd get a white Christmas. LOLOL Normally I would say that I hate snow and cold and I do but to give my son a white Christmas I was totally all for it! He's never seen snow.

Well, we had NO snow. Not a flake which was disappointing. The cabin was very quaint. I loved it. Except for the wasps. I don't know why but my God!! There were SO MANY WASPS. It was terrifying. Bryan thinks it's because they must have not screened the air vents or something but yeah um NOT cool. Then there was also a mouse which yeah also NOT cool. Turns out our cabin had been empty for a few months which apparently when there aren't people staying there animals and bugs move it. Um whatever. We were not happy. This place wasn't cheap and I don't expect bugs and rodents for what we were paying.

Then the other problem... LOL we didn't realize is that there was NOTHING to do in Broken Bow when it's off season. Much of the town was closed. There were very few gift shops. The worst part was we had NO internet and Cable with NO movie channels but... SANTA saved us. Santa (who came a day early because we were so miserable) brought Guy a Wii. Let me just say the Wii is pretty awesome! We have had so much fun playing with it!! The Wii really made things better!
So my desperately needed vacation didn't turnout exactly as I had hoped. We actually left a day early because we just couldn't deal with the wasps anymore. I also didn't do all the things I normally do on Christmas and I didn't realize how much I would miss the traditions. I LOVE to bake cookies. I didn't bake ANY. I love to decorate but didn't do that either. My family didn't get together because my Dad is still recovering (and doing GREAT!) so it was best not to see him... because aside from Oklahoma kinda sucking... we were all also SICK!! He didn't need to be around sick people so yeah that was just the cherry on the big ol' pie of crap. LOL

I'm actually not that upset about it anymore. I didn't have a horrible time. It just wasn't what we hoped it would be. I did very much enjoyed doing nothing and just hanging out with my boys. I read a lot. I finished all four Twilight books! So it wasn't a total bust but now I know that I would rather spend Christmas with family and stay home. I don't think we'll go away again during the holidays. I thought that by getting away it would help alleviate all the stress but yeah no it didn't. It was just a stressful end of year! I'm glad 2008 is done and I'm looking forward to a new year of possibilities!

So here are some photos from the trip and some more family news!

The beautiful cabin with the wasps and the rodents! Haha! They have GOT to do something about those wasps. It really was terrifying

I made Guy PROMISE that he'd call for us before coming down stairs because I always want to document the whole Christmas experience! He was so good and called at 7:30am!

Guy looking at the Wii controller. Santa had set it all up so we could start playing instantly!

This is Guy doing is "Hulk Smash" impression! LOL

Guy playing in the leaves (no coat, no snow.)

This one makes me laugh! I love my boys!

This shot was for Melissa! She has a thing for flannel! ;)

They had a national park that we drove through. The gift shop was closed. *sigh*

Now On To OTHER big news!!

So my BFF Shelby and I decided to take our kids to see BOLT in 3D. It was awesome and I loved it... and it made me REALLY want another puppy. Why? because I'm pretty much insane I think. Actually, I remembered how much of a pain puppies could be but because our other dogs are old now but still in good health so I thought it was a good time. Guy really wanted a dog that would be "his dog" too. Our other dogs remember him from the toddler years and so yeah they hate him and run when they see him coming.

So I started googling and I found a breeder Littles Kennels here in San Marcos. They had some super cute dachshund puppies (which are what our other two dogs are). We drove out to their home and instantly I was in love! So was Guy!

So now we have a new family member and his name is Max. Max is so much fun and we think he's smart too! Our other dogs are pretty much pissed at us because well... this puppy is part piranha. He's got sharp little puppy teeth! He's almost eight weeks old and he is super full of energy and then the crashes and burns. He sleeps good long stretches though so that's good! It's very much like having a newborn!! I'm pretty sleepy and so is Bryan! He keeps us up at night... did I mention he's really stinking cute though?? More photos of him to come!

So I hope everyone had a wonderful blessed holiday and that you too are looking forward to the new year! More blogs to come!

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