Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Sun and The Wind

I'm behind on blogging! I will catch up! The good news is I'm up to date on getter orders out!! Just haven't had time to update my blog!! With all my last minute seniors I've been burning the midnight oil trying to get everything back timely! I've also been out of town. This weekend I went to the beach to shoot a very special engagment session! My twin brother Scott is getting married in September! We had some not so wonderful weather It was SOOOO windy. The wind part really sucked but I've got some really fun beautiful images. I'll post some of those soon.

We decided to make it a weekend trip (since I have worked nearly ever Saturday for the last eight months!!) and spent two nights in Port Aransas. My son LOVED and I mean LOVED the ocean. He had so much fun jumping in the water even though it was freezing. Our last day there we got up early to give him some extra beach time and it was just too cold. Soooo we will be returning to the beach this summer sometime when it's warm! We had a really nice time. My mom came out on Saturday and stayed with us and watched the kiddo so we could go out to dinner too which was also awesome! Thanks Mom! Here are some snapshots of my sweet boy! We feed the seagulls which he thought was the coolest thing ever and walked for miles. We picked up shells too and hoped to catch a crab but they were hard to find. (Of course we go everywhere with a sword and a cape like all good superheros do!)

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Anonymous said...

He did have a great time at the beach :-) we have to do it again when it gets warm...